Digital skills at the very top

It’s no secret I have a big crush on GDS, and what they’re doing to create truly digital government. Pluswhich, as we say in Pittsburgh, the site is really well-written.

Government Digital Service

An important part of the work we are doing on capability building is making sure that people who will be leading public services in the future really understand what digital by default means; for policy-making and service delivery.

Civil Service Learning (CSL) run a one and a half day residential induction event, called a ‘Basecamp’, for newly appointed deputy directors and directors within the Civil Service a couple of times a year. A few weeks ago we helped CSL with one of these; for the first time it focused on a digital theme.

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How to World Dominate, per Chris Guillebeau, and How to Tell a Personal Story, by Donald Miller, as Sketchnoted by Mike Rohde



Sketchnote by Mike Rohde, covering a talk by Don Miller.

From Chris Guillebeau:

1)You don’t have to live your life the way other people expect you to.
2)The world is waiting for you to figure out what only you can contribute. Take as much time as you need to find the answer, and then get started on it.

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Pets of the Internet


Your Cute Dog Who Gets to Go to Work at a Social Media Company Picture of the Day [It’s Pinterest, y’all}. I love that he’s found a little pocket of sun.

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