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World Domination Through Code and Craft Advertisements

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How to World Dominate, per Chris Guillebeau, and How to Tell a Personal Story, by Donald Miller, as Sketchnoted by Mike Rohde

  Sketchnote by Mike Rohde, covering a talk by Don Miller. From Chris Guillebeau: 1)You don’t have to live your life the way other people expect you to. 2)The world is waiting for you to figure out what only you … Continue reading

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New contest: can you describe a tech start-up without using ANY of these words?

Dear tech press: I dare you to write about a new company without using ANY of the following: agile, lean, disruptive, iterative, beta, dorm room, innovative, basement, young, any version of “all night,” caffeine, Red Bull, venture capital, pizza, coffee, … Continue reading

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Apple: maybe thinking MORE different since the passing of Steve Jobs.

Since this show on  This American Life  aired, Apple has actually made its suppliers public. Which is a very good thing. And really big stuff.  And as Mike Daisey points out, Foxconn makes lots of stuff for lots of people. … Continue reading

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Christopher Hitchens. Still Dead. Still Wrong. But..Sort of Right.

Sorry, Meghan Daum and Sarah Silverman… I agree with you both. Sort of. But: In death, Christopher Hitchens manages to prove one of his most irritating theories:  that men are funnier than women. But not in the way either of … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs’ legacy: more beauty

Listening to the Steve Jobs biography, reading his sister Mona Simpson’s very affecting eulogy, I keep hearing that Jobs loved beauty above all else. But it seems to me that his idea of beauty was, in the end, tragically limited. … Continue reading

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I’m either going to kill myself, or I’m going to turn this into a game

How game designer Jane McGonigal played her way out of the aftermath of a concussion.   Fascinating and hopeful.  And chockfull of Buffy references.  Yet more proof that it’s Whedon’s world, we just live in it. And I do think Jane … Continue reading

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