Toni Morrison. Stephen Colbert. And my mom.

First off, watch this wonderful interview of Toni Morrison on the Colbert Report. She totally rules the show. Comedy Central won’t let me imbed it.  Go on now. I hope you’ll come back.

Sent the Toni Morrison/Colbert interview to my family.

So: what you should know. My activist mother (83 now), back in the 80s, worked for a speakers’ program at a women’s college in Pittsburgh that brought in all these amazing icons.

Including Toni Morrison.

Mom was lucky enough to spend part of the day with her. And this is what she remembers–from not so long ago.

“Do you remember that, one day in the early 80s, Toni Morrison and I were the only customers at the counter in the Oakland White Castle, where we were ignored for a long long time, after which she decided we should go somewhere else? Just another life lesson.”


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