Using the Force…or not: what Fitbit could have done better while I waited for my product

New Fitbit Flex arrived yesterday. I lost my last Fitbit Ultra in, like, a minute. I am pretty sure that is actually part of Fitbit’s business plan: design great devices that people can lose really easily. 

So I decided to jump into the wristband future and ordered The Force. Which apparently they are not selling right now because it was irritating some folks’ skin. So Fitbit offered all of us disappointed Force-buyers 20 percent discounts on their other projects. So, welcome to my wrist, hot pink Flex. Hope you’ll stay a while.

Dear Fitbit, I do like your products even if they have a tendency to jump from my bra/waistband/pocket.  But I do think that you lost an opportunity while I waited to find out if you were going to ship me what I originally ordered. You didn’t write, you didn’t call. And yes, in the end, I still bought another Fitbit. This isn’t a rant–but I think you can see, as I have bought multiple Fitbit products–that I like you, I really like you.  You had an opportunity to stay in touch with me.  Why not email me in the interim while you were deciding what the hell to do with the scratchy Force? Why not encourage me to exercise, or reach out to other people in the Fitbit community? Why not send me my previous stats, to tell me to hang in there, champ? Why not admit you were having a problem? I actually would have understood.








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