Stuff I Learned at an E-Commerce Summit Besides How to Eat a Meatball Sandwich

(Genuine) things I learned at my thought leader thing yesterday (and I apologize for the previous snark on other forms of social media, including Instagram, goddess help me): 

Bob Pittman (previously MTV, now Clear Channel) loves what he does. And he still has a great radio voice. I would probably buy anything from him, just based on his voice. 

It is way easier to add media to an e-commerce site than to turn a media company into a robust e-commerce environment.

 One participant said: “You can’t sell stuff on a site that covers wars.” (I happen to disagree with this, but that’s a longer conversation.)

Ben Lerer of Thrillist went all in on supporting Thrillist’s JackThreads brand. He claims that they don’t outsource any of the major parts of their clothing business. He doubts that most media companies are willing to do that; it is very labor intensive. 

Pier 60 at Chelsea Piers is beautiful, and their catering staff kicks ass, and tiny meatball sandwiches are delicious.


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