Managing those 140 characters. Catfish, the social media movie with at least one girl in it

actually a group, NOT a catfish

actually a grouper, NOT a catfish

This list of Twitter management tools is probably 100 times 140 at least, but it looks ubercomprehensive.  When NewTwitter finally takes over (and why do I keep wanting to say New Coke), wonder what will stand and what will fall.

Mildly spoilery Catfish content ahead.

In other nerd news of note,  the film (mockumentary?  Blair Witch Grandchild?) Catfish is out.  I spoiled myself, so I know the ending, but I still want to see it, just because of this review, which suggests that some genius female performance artists may just be living in the Midwest, using social media as their raw materials.

On the other hand, maybe the reviewer, A.O. Scott,  has written about the movie he wished he’d seen, rather than the one the filmmakers made.  It happens.

Want to see a terrific movie about malleable identity, that doesn’t even include interior walls, running water or indoor toilets?  The Return of Martin Guerre is your movie.  It’s like a 16th century version of Facebook shammery, without the like buttons.  And more actual sex.


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