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Girl Nerd wins TechCrunch Hackathon

Congratulations, CMU grad and software engineer J’aime Ohm (fantastic name) on WiseDame, for creating a “black box” app at SF TechCrunch Hackathon that helps women stay connected and safe, but not locked down. Girl Nerds rule!  Her interview is here: … Continue reading

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Words of wisdom from Ted Turner

Thanks, Mashable and 92nd Street Y,  for hosting the Social Good Summit. Lots of amazing people, lots of good work being done, and finally, Ted Turner, speaking truth to power.  First, for calling tweeters “Twinklers.”  Much better name. And then … Continue reading

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Managing those 140 characters. Catfish, the social media movie with at least one girl in it

This list of Twitter management tools is probably 100 times 140 at least, but it looks ubercomprehensive.  When NewTwitter finally takes over (and why do I keep wanting to say New Coke), wonder what will stand and what will fall. … Continue reading

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Everything is going to be completely different as long as I get to keep my stuff

Some thoughts on this quote from the Vanity Fair profile of secretive FB genius Sean Parker: Sean Parker was sitting in World Civilization class at his Virginia high school when someone brought him a note. His father, it read, was … Continue reading

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